For over 20 years, Ida has cultivated a multifaceted career - leading, developing, analyzing, improving, innovating and training - people, processes, and products. 

She is a strategist, facilitator and adviser known for possessing an entrepreneurial spirit to drive innovation and foster creative thinking for new ideas to achieve results. 

Honoring her personal values of inclusion, creativity and growth, Ida has successfully navigated individual contributor and leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies and has used her gifts to serve her community and  those she mentors.


Ida helps to say what's best (Communication), explore 'what if's' (Innovation), and figure out what's next (Collaboration).

She is especially passionate about empowering youth and early career achievers through keynotes, workshops, round-tables and panels. Ida delivers practical training and messages, leaving her audience with helpful tools and useful language to forge effective personal and interpersonal attitudes and attributes.

Her delivery is down to earth and enjoyable, making her a sought after speaker and consultant.